Ormer Shell clothes hooks……

Well it’s no secret that sea swimming is a very popular pass time in Guernsey, it’s popularity rose significantly during the lockdown in 2020, as sea swimming was one of the activities we were allowed out of the house to do. The fabulous weather we enjoyed only added to the appeal.

To encourage people to keep swimming into the Autumn, Min Henry formed the now very very popular group Guernsey Swim All Seasons (Guernsey SAS) on facebook. Encouraging people to join group swims or, to form smaller groups of their own to swim on a regular basis.

Guernsey SAS has gone from strength to strength and, now holds events for charity on a regular basis, many of which include cake after the swim.

Over the past couple of years our Victorian bathing pools https://historicpools.org.uk/member_pools/la-vallette-bathing-pools-guernsey/ have been extensively renovated and, what was a slightly run down area, is now fresh and, already being enjoyed by many many people. With a new cafe and, events area focussed on the Ladies/Children’s pool area, Guernsey SAS thought it would be great to do something at the Gents pool.

Members were offered the chance to sponsor ‘ormer hooks’ to enable people to hang their clothes/belongings whilst they enjoy a dip……particularly useful in the winter for dry robes when the sea gets bloney cold…..

This article explains what an ormer /https://thesarnian.com/essentials/ormer/

I was delighted to sponsor one of these hooks and, today an eagle eyed old school friend spotted it on the wall at the pool. Photo credits to Dee Chalker and, thank you again for sending them to me. The hooks have all been put up over the last couple of days, it’s worth a look and don’t forget your bathers. I did pop down for a sneaky look after my town walk this evening (how I wished I had my bathers with me). They look great and, I am so pleased I got involved in this project.


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